Sunday, May 27, 2012

long quiet season

I had a friend text me the other day that it had been one month and so many days since my last blog post...and that she thought i should get to it.  Since I am an obedient friend, here is a quick update.

The last few months have been what I would call a long, quiet season.  Lots going on underneath the surface, underneath the peaceful quiet.  Not frantic changes, but slow green growth. 
Sometimes this growth is painful, but mostly it is joyful and healthy.  I understand more and more what an amazing gift Todd's love is to each of us--Caley, Luke and I.  His love for us has provided a firm foundation on which we nourish old friendships as well as develop healthy, new relationships. 

At the end of January, I was set up on a blind date (by a friend whom I admire and trust) with a great guy named Alan.  He has a very kind and generous spirit, and I have really enjoyed getting to know him.  The kids like him very much.  

The kids are excited to be out of school and to have friends over to swim!  Caley had her hair cut off yesterday to donate to Beautiful Lengths.  She is very happy with her shorter cut!  With Alan's help, Caley has started a small vegetable garden, and Luke has a flower garden.    I just turned in grades for my May Semester class.  There will be a few meetings for which I will need to go in to work throughout the summer, but I will mostly enjoy many days of summer with my kids for the next two months!  I  plan to paint and work on other projects around the house, travel to see my mom, Katie, Hal and families, and...have eye surgery.  I have a covering over part of my left eye that must be peeled back before it covers my pupil.  I have that scheduled for the end of June.  It is outpatient, and I should be good-to-go after three or four days with only some minor irritation remaining. 

I have another post kicking around in my head about authenticity, but it is not ready to be birthed just yet.  For now,  I am going to clean house and enjoy my summer!