Friday, October 21, 2011


I hear gunshots all the time out here in the country (it's hunting season for something all year around) and although they are far from comforting, they don't bother me.  Today, I was out in the garage hurriedly trying to find something in the car.  My kids had some company that we were transporting after school, and they were all outside playing.  The garage door was closed and the kids were playing with the dogs right outside, throwing the kong (large rubber dog toy).  When the Kong crashed against the garage door it made such a loud thundering sound I thought I would vomit.  It didn't scare me, it just sickened me.  The sound reminded me of a gun firing right next to me.  I know I have heard the sound before, but maybe I have never been in the garage or maybe it just struck at an angle that the quality was different this time.  I don't know.  But I didn't like it one bit. 


  1. Sounds like that will stay with you a long while. If it happened to me, I'd take a deep breath and begin singing a happy song to remove bad thoughts from my mind.

  2. it's amazing how our bodies respond to memories. even before i minds can completely compute it. i like cabin-writer's suggestion. although i think i'd be tempted to lay down on the floor and recuperate.