Monday, December 5, 2011


Today I had a great attitude all day long.  I didn't want to yell once at children or pets. I didn't think once with exasperation "Are you kidding me?" when dealing with students. I didn't have that tightness in my chest which builds until I think my entire insides are going to explode. I actually felt like my real self--which was comforting since I had kind of forgotten that my real self isn't always angry and short fused.  I had the best laugh this morning about something that was really only that funny to me--it felt sooooo good to laugh like that from way down deep.  All in all, a great day.  And whether you think it or not--it is nothing short of a miracle to me. Thank You, God. I hope tomorrow is another one just like it.     

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  1. Hey: It's Kirsti - my last good laugh like that - till I cried and couldn't catch my breath was in a class - we learned that gynecology, was based on the word "vagina" and that it was originally pronounced "Gina" cology - like "vaginacology" - I don't know why but the thought of saying I had to go to the GINAcologist - tickled me to the to the point everybody in class thought I was nuts and I nearly had to leave ;-) Laughs like that are priceless - glad they're finding you! xoxoxo