Thursday, June 7, 2012


My heart is breaking for the precious Krull family.  I have never met them, but I have been following Kate's blog (2  kids, a minivan and a mortgage ) for over a year now.  Their 6 year-old, Lucy, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer in Feb. 2011.  Kate writes so beautifully and honestly about her triumphs and struggles as a mom and child of God. 

Lucy's cancer is back, and her mom posted there is nothing more that can be done.  I am so attached to this sweet family I have never even met.  I am crying so hard I cannot even see to type. Please pray Peace, Comfort and Strength for Erik, Kate, Ella, Lucy, and Jack.  There is just so much pain and hurt...and yet, I still believe I serve a loving God who never leaves us nor forsakes us--ever.  I could never explain the "peace that passes all understanding" yet I have experienced it in my own life, so I am praying the great Love of Christ will sustain and keep and comfort this dear family even (or especially) in the midst of this unimaginable awfulness.

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  1. I have also followed this to it through your profile. You said you followed it and I have been reading it ever since. I obviously don't know them but have been deeply touched by Kate's writing. My heart also breaks for sweet Lucy. Amazing how one can be so touched by those they don't even know. Go Lucy Go