Saturday, June 26, 2010

Comfort Food

I rarely reread fiction stories I have enjoyed--I just don't seem to enjoy them so much the second time around. I do however have many non-fiction books that I return to over and over again that are like comfort food for my soul. There are a few exceptions to the fiction book category, and those include The Chronicles of Narnia books that I first enjoyed as a very young person. I can remember when I was working full-time (and getting paid ;-) and would have a hard day, I would come home, fix a drink, take a bath or just soak my feet in hottest water I could stand, and pull out one of these books. A few chapters could often soothe even the yuckiest of days.

Two books I am currently revisiting (and their dog-eared covers and pages show I have done this many times) are Blue Like Jazz and The Stars Shone in My Hands. It is like spending time with an old friend who "gets me" but still stretches me to grow--giving me food for thought.

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