Saturday, July 3, 2010


I feel the seeds of rebellion growing within me...and I have to say it scares me a little. I sense an almost "I don't care" attitude trying to take hold--and that would be sooooo self-destructive since, of course, I do care. I can't decide how much rope to give this little rebellious know, I certainly don't want to hang myself when everything is said and done, but at the same time a little rebellion can be good for you. I actually believe that last statement to be a lie in this case--but I am really wanting to flirt with it...i want to use it as an excuse to act badly. I am so very tired of this roller coaster I find myself on with no way of getting off. I have never liked roller coasters...ever...but Todd loved them...he would probably just tell me to relax, enjoy the butterflies,...oh, and to make sure I had a barf bag for those really steep twists and turns.

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  1. Wait a few days and we can be rebellious together! Jen