Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grief Room

The latest mailing from Bereavement Services was about Grief continuing to visit and how we all have our "grief room" we escape to when it shows up. The handout talked about how each individual's "grief room" differs from others in how it is "furnished" and who is allowed in with us. I think my "grief room" is very restrictive—I don't particularly want anyone to visit me there (as most of you who are close to me already know), but I don't mind posting notes on the door (my blog or texts). There is something impersonal (yet very personal) about sharing through this blog. I generally don't know who reads it, and I can plan exactly what I want to say. When I retire to my "grief room" I want to be alone….most of the time…every now and then I can let someone visit me there. I wonder, does this make sense to anyone but me?


  1. It makes sense. It totally SUCKS ;-) for those of us who love you so much and just want to hold you through it all, but it makes sense. :-)

  2. If I could, then I would
    I'll go wherever you will go,
    Way up high or down low, I'll go wherever you will go......

  3. Been awhile since I logged on. This makes perfect sense! It is easy to share via blog or email whereas not so face to face. Loss brings us face to face with our deepest, darkest self. It is a raw and vulnerable place. To allow someone in requries trust, but I believe it allows healing to begin. You start where you are and when ready risk a bit more. People can't fix our brokenness, only God can but how we try. It is a privilege, no matter how you do it, to walk with you. You have faced one of my deepest fears in a different way than I survived and that offers me hope. Thank you.