Friday, December 31, 2010


The kids and I had a lovely Christmas with lots of family. I knew by Tuesday afternoon, however, that a sad and angry cry of grief and loss was brewing inside. My first opportunity to let it out privately was last night…and out it came…I went to bed hoping things would seem better in the morning, but they didn't. I sat down for my quiet time of prayer and study with a very heavy heart. Although it didn't happen immediately, there was a moment when I realized God had worked a 180⁰ turn in my heart. I continue to be amazed when this occurs--this amazing change of heart/attitude...even though it actually happens quite frequently. Often I don't even want to be pulled from my pity party…but He is faithful when I still myself and receive the love He offers. I started my quiet time ranting to Him about why He seems to make everything so hard, and I ended it knowing in my heart that He is trustworthy and faithful, and that with His help, I am able to be content in my spirit and do whatever needs to be done.

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