Saturday, December 11, 2010

True Gifts

My daughter and I had a great day today. A family friend joyfully and patiently instructed my daughter and two of her friends (and two moms ;-) in the art of making Baklava. The entire process took about 6.5 hours, and we also made Stromboli for lunch and cookies in between...actually the girls helped her with the Stromboli and the other mom helped with the cookies and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a beautiful view and washed a few dishes. I even got to do trig problems as a bonus (My friend's daughter has a test Monday ;-) fellow math teachers will understand when I say that there is nothing better than working a few trig problems on a cold, rainy day!
My friend has a busy household with 4 children (her oldest is a freshman in College and her youngest is in 8th grade) and a full-time, very consuming job...but she made time for us today because my daughter asked her too. It never dawned on my daughter that this friend would not share her secrets of Baklava making or would pass it off with "I'll be glad to get you the recipe." We had a wonderful afternoon of laughter, story telling, you-tube viewing,...and, oh yeah, baking. These are the true gifts of the Christmas season, I think.


  1. Amen and amen!! One for the memory book for sure. :)

  2. SO SO FUN!!!! We LOVED having you ALL and it was as much fun for us as it was for you! Definitely a reflection of the warmth and love God has for us! And a gift to us to get to be with you all!

  3. I have been helping my nephew, Andrew, with his Precalculus class at the University of Memphis. I know EXACTLY what you mean about helping with Trig problems!
    It is almost calming.