Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I thought this fit perfectly with Nikki's comment on April Showers

"And in the presence of these reminders, I have two alternatives. I can dwell on the fact that she has been taken away, and dissolve in remorse that all of this is gone forever. Or, focusing on the wonder that she was ever given at all, I can resolve to be grateful that we shared life, even for an all-too-short ten years. There are only two choices here, but believe me, the best way out for me is the way of gratitude. The way of remorse does not alter the stark reality one whit and only makes matters worse. The way of gratitude does not alleviate the pain, but it somehow puts some light around the darkness and creates strength to begin to move on."

John Claypool (on the loss of his ten year old daughter)

Tracks of a Fellow Struggler
pg 65


  1. very nice quote and way of looking at a very difficult situation