Monday, September 5, 2011

Wise Words

None of these are particularly good pictures, but I like them any way. I came across these as I was trying to clean up the clutter in my bedroom. I have found several clusters of pictures that I apparently carried around until I tucked them away in my room.

Todd purchased the Corvette as a "project" car when Caley was a few months old. He worked on it, off and on, and finally finished it when Luke was about 2. He sold it about a year or so before he died. When it came time to sell it, knowing how much time and energy he had put into rebuilding it, I thought selling it would be difficult for him, but his response was: "Never love anything that can't love you back." I thought that was an awesome response to the situation. I learned so much about grace-filled living from him.


  1. Todd was such a fantastic person and I count myself very luck to have had a chance to know him. I like these pictures, they are 100% what he was all about.
    Oh btw, Todd has a pretty fantastic wife too. I count myself very luck to know her.

  2. I always liked these type of pictures so much more than the "posed" type. So much more lifelike and real.