Monday, February 13, 2012

Life's Soundtrack

There have been quite a few songs to which I listened when I was (much) younger, but for which I make my daughter change the station. Usually this doesn’t happen until after I have started singing loudly, lost in nostalgia, and I realize the lyrics I’m singing are NOT ones I want her repeating!  …so she (under orders ;-) or I quickly change the station, and she pouts…

Last night, Journey’s Lights came on.  “Your daddy and I liked this group.”  She turned it up as we were pulling into the garage at home.  We had so much fun sitting in the car, Caley and I both pretending we had microphones and Luke covering his ears.  I belted out those long-ago-learned lyrics, and there were plenty of oh oh ohs and my my mys to go around (and lots of air guitar too). 

As she ages, Caley will have her own soundtrack to go along with a lifetime of memories.  Life’s ups and downs will become cataloged according to the music of that particular time in her life—and if she is like most of us, just hearing a few chords of a particular song will immediately conjure a memory.   I love sharing my (and her daddy’s) soundtrack with her…although she will have to be much older to hear a lot of it ;-)     

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