Sunday, October 24, 2010


Overall I am doing very well. However, I have noticed lately that Sundays have become more difficult to get through. I think maybe it is just one more part of moving on and into life. In the past, Sundays have not been any more difficult than any other day. I think they are beginning to stand out because I am moving out of numbness into life. I generally wake up okay, but it seems as the day progresses a heaviness envelops me, and I begin to think about that Sunday when the world turned upside down. I really do think this is just another step toward healing and wholeness, but I sure wish there could be another way to climb out of the pit...but for me, I don't think there is. So I am trying to say, that ultimately, this should be a good thing if I deal with it...then I guess I'll be ready for the next challenge--whatever it may be.

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  1. You are so very, very strong, Susan. Keep climbing up out of the pit and if the going gets tough, yell out to us and we will help pull you out. Face the next challenge and we will be here to help with that also, and the next, and the next for however long it takes. Along the way, I will always know that you are close by to help pull me up if I need it. jl