Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grieving with Others

Tonight I am mourning with and for several dear friends who are having their own experience with the "valley of the shadow of death." Today I learned that three different families I adore are dealing with test results that indicate serious conditions for children or spouse…and another family in my community is going through the agony of losing a child under extremely tragic circumstances. I do not have any answers, but I grieve alongside them--all the mommas of these families are precious to me. I wish that I could ease their pain in some way, but all I can do is sit with them in this nightmare and help with logistics of caring for them and their families.

Be merciful to me O LORD, for I am in distress;

my eyes grow weak with sorrow,

my soul and body with grief.

Psalm 31:9

I can remember wanting to shut out the pain…except the emotional and physical pain in your chest (your entire body) is so great that you can't even begin to shut it out..it felt like I was being gutted with a sharp knife or set adrift in a very dark sea. I know that at least one (if not all) of these families is probably feeling that way tonight. I pray all these mommas/families will hold on as best they can and allow others to hold and care for them while they are unable (and perhaps have no desire) to care for themselves.


  1. Precious words - I know this will be so meaningful to these families. Keeping sowing that seed of love and encouragement - what a gift! DO

  2. i'm so sorry to hear about your friends. but i am sure you are a great comfort to them.

  3. Pam's dad died young (56) because of this she was able to minister to people when they lost their dad.
    It is biblical to use our experiences to minister to others in their time of need.