Thursday, January 27, 2011


When the kids were very small we would dance every night after they had their bath. We would go down to my son's room and turn on the radio and Todd, the kids and I would all dance. I have such fond memories of that. I can remember thinking at the time that I hoped, as the kids grew up, they would remember how much fun we had doing this. I cannot remember how or why we stopped…I guess as the kids stopped taking baths together and bed time became more flexible in the summer time as they got older (you know, like 4 and 7 years old ;-) we lost this part of our routine. But I still smile remembering. The other night the kids and I did it again and had a ball. We turned up the music and danced like crazy…my daughter was a little sidetracked trying to make a guitar out of a long, skinny piece of cardboard and an empty Capri sun box. it looked really cute when she finished. Her brother begged her to make one for him. We all laughed and acted silly and, of course, danced (which was really part of the silliness). My son said we should do this every night, and I reminded him we used to. He replied, "yeah but it's more fun now 'cause I can dance a lot better. I can breakdance!"-- and he immediately demonstrated in the manner that only an energetic (translate: spastic) 6 year old boy can. Beautiful stuff.


  1. 'Cuz I can dance a lot better....I can break dance!'.....priceless!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! :) DO