Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing Well

A friend emailed me and asked me if everything was okay since I hadn't posted since 1/1. So I thought I would post. I am doing well. My job and kids activities and homework have kept us very busy this week. I really love my job. I can tell it is going to get more time consuming, but I will just have to stay focused on keeping a balance. The kids are doing well too. They had friends spend the night last weekend (a big sister and little brother duo) and had a ball. We had snow late Sunday night so there was no school were doing their snow dance all evening. "Hands up high, feet down low--that's the way we dance for snow!" You sing this and do a little dance as you sing...found myself singing it long after they had gone to bed. They were so psyched that they didn't have school Monday. We read, watched a movie and played a game, and ate snow cream...did I mention that we only got about an inch and a half of snow? ;-) We get excited no matter how small the accumulation. They played with friends in the afternoon and we all stayed for supper...a very satisfying day. Busy, busy, busy week since then with several sets of ups and downs, but more ups than downs, so that goes in the win column.
...gotta kids are getting ready for bed and my son is still streaking around after his bath...i guess he will learn to wear clothes before he gets out of elementary school.

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  1. Kelly also did a complete naked run around the house after her nightly bath. So funny. Do not tell her that I told you that or I am in serious trouble!