Thursday, June 16, 2011


Tonight my son (7 years old) was laying on the bed holding his stomach and saying, "I don't feel so well." He immediately followed this with, "It's not surprising really." I asked if he ate too much spinach for dinner ;-) He said "No. Popcorn. I dropped some (he may have said "in the parking lot"), and I *think* I ate one of the pieces that fell on the ground." I tried hard not to laugh since he was very serious when he said it, but the "It's not surprising" and the "think" part almost got me! He makes me laugh many times in a day--most of the time, intentionally. That is a blessing.

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  1. The other night at VBS after hearing the directions on how to do a craft, he said: "I believe it would be more successful if we did it this way..." and went on to explain his idea. Only your kid!! :) :) Love that little guy!