Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

Today is the first day I have thought "I like my life"…I have experienced contentment, some joy and many triumphs during the past year, but I have never had a day since Todd died that I actually thought I "like" my life. Major, major…

The ironic part to me is that this thought occurred to me in such an ordinary moment. I walked out into the sunshiny morning (very warm already) to feed the cat (for which I am not particularly fond) as my son skipped down the steps toward the pool. My daughter (whose job it is to feed said cat) was still sleeping peacefully.

Do I wish Todd were here with me to enjoy this life? Absolutely. Are my circumstances any different than they were a week, a month or even a year ago? No. Can't explain it, but I am so glad something has shifted inside of me to bring about this change of outlook. Don't really want to talk about it directly, but I definitely wanted to share…because I know you all have been cheering me on toward this day.


  1. Wow. Can't even describe how this lifts my heart. I love you.


  2. What a wonderful thing to read! Thanks for sharing this! You are so loved!


  3. Give me a G! G! Give me an O! O! Give me an S! S! Give me a U! U! Give me another S! S! Give me an A! A! Give me an N! N!
    What's that spell? GOOOOOOO SUSAN!!!!!!
    (Jazz hands and toe touch kicks on the sidelines!!)
    Love you! D