Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Memories…old and new

This is one of my favorite pictures. Todd did all the fun daddy things…here he is sliding down the rails backward with the kids piled on top.

The kids and I went to a pool party at the local water park the other night. I sat on the side, just watching, for a long time. The kids were content playing with friends, but the thought came over me that they would love it if their momma would actually get in the pool. Their daddy certainly would have been in there with them. Well, I took the plunge and swam over to the waterslide where I waited for them to reach the bottom. I expected them to get all excited that momma was in the pool and ready to play…ha ha on me…they barely acknowledged me as they hurried to go back up the many stairs to the top of the slide to await another turn. After watching them a couple of times, I decided I would go with them the next time. THAT is when they got excited! I was rewarded with big smiles, hugs, and lots of "I love you, momma"s and comments to friends "My mom is going to go down the slide with me!" May not seem like much to anyone else, but it was bliss to me.


  1. you are (re)learning how to play!

    actually, i am struck by a paradox: isn't it interesting how even as you make your way in the world without Todd, Todd still contributes to your family life? if i read this right, you were inspired by his actions to interact with the kids in a certain way, and everyone was rewarded with fun, love and kisses as a result.

  2. Ditto Nikki!
    Little man looks so much like Todd in this picture. I was watching his manerisms the other day and thought about how much of his daddy is in him. For that moment he was "little Todd" and not the little plump baby cheek boy in the above picture. Todd definately contributes to your everyday family life! :) D