Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hawaii Five-O

As I was driving home tonight, I heard the Hawaii Five-O theme song on the radio. I smiled soooo big. It took me a few seconds to realize why this song made me smile. Besides liking the old tv series, I also remember my high school band played this song a lot. (I cannot remember, however, if the Misses had a routine to this.)
Since Todd died, memories like this have a special place for me because pretty much my entire adult life was intertwined with his. Fond memories from high school and freshman year of college have a special sweetness all their own because he was not part of my life then…so they don't have the bittersweet taste of the many fond memories from the years after. So…any of you 1981 Murrah Mustangs out there, hum along with me (du du du du dun dun…du du du duuunnnn ;-)

Next Day
Well...today, guess what  I heard?  (and this will only be good to any vintage Murrah Misses out there) "Get Ready" by The Temptations. How funny.  I started thinking "tap, swivel, hook, push" before I could stop myself.  How is that I can remember that piece of totally useless information, but I cannot remember where I last laid my car keys? 


  1. If this were on Facebook, I would be pressing the "like" button!

  2. gurl, we all worked hard to make that routine part of muscle memory. i can still do the kick pattern if needed. although they aren't that high up any more . . .

    as to where are the car keys: i don't know about you, but when i put down my car keys, i was thinking about 8 different things and talking to 3 different people. there's no way to remember what happened to them.