Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Smile

I invited myself (and my two children) over to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl. That's the way we do things around here ;-) I just casually mentioned to Melissa that we might drop by "for a while." My kids had a blast, and so did I. It was a school night so I did think I needed to get them on home at half-time, but they were so disappointed to have to leave (and so was I). But, what absolutely MADE my night were a pair of Mississippi State cups that Ed (Melissa's husband) had gotten me. I LOVE THEM. When I saw them they made my insides smile. Now, that may seem strange to you, and I am thinking it probably sounds a little strange to Ed, but I love my Bulldogs (and these are really cool cups with some hologram thingy on them where sometimes you look and see Bully and sometimes you see the MState logo--awesome, I'm telling you) --and, most importantly, thinking about MSU always fills me with sweet memories of Todd and lots of dear friends. (I had written "old" but replaced it with "dear" because some of you are getting a little sensitive about your age since we've passed the 45 mark.) I am sure Ed had no idea that his kind and thoughtful act would bring me so much happiness, but there you have it cause it did. I guess we never know what small thing can bring a big smile.

P.S. Ed, I hope all your friends won't be demanding their own really cool cups...but I would like to put in a request for 5 more--Sharon, Mimi, Bec and Jan will be wanting to steal mine if you don't...and since Caley has taken over the second one you gave me, you know Luke will have to have one of his own.

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  1. We LOVED having you and your sweet babies, as usual! You are extremely fun to watch football with...funny what we learn after all these years! I will have to come over and help you cheer on MSU next season!

    I'm sure that it pleases Ed that his small gesture was able to help put a smile on your sweet face!

    Love you.