Thursday, February 11, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

"I hear your desire for healing and wholeness. Your King and His people are so much better than Humpty Dumpty’s…He promised we will be put back together again. As our friend Beth likes to say, 'joy cometh!!!' ”

This was a response I got to my recent Family update. As you have probably already figured, I am all about "joy cometh!" I loved this analogy because I feel like Humpty Dumpty quite a lot these days. I picture myself frantically trying to gather up the pieces of my cracked exterior but unable to piece them back the way I think they need to go. This picture of myself actually makes me laugh, and I am so thankful that I AM does not leave me to my own devices. He is tenderly holding my frantic hands telling me that He will get it for me. One of the ways He does this is through my sweet friends. My friend Jan is here helping me with some things this week...some of which I had no idea I even needed help with--but it is so satisfying to see Him use my friend to meet needs I didn't even know that I had. And this is an everyday kind of occurrence-- for each one of reading this, I could probably tell you a recent specific instance when He used you to bless me, and as I hope you already know, I am thankful. If I were to try and list all the people whom He has used to meet my needs (and let me tell you, I am a needy girl right now), the list would be so long that you would probably fall asleep before you finished reading it...and I am quite sure you would see your own name listed several times before you were through. Now that is Godly provision, and I hope you will open your eyes to it in your own life...I promise it is there.

For those of you who like Stephen Curtis Chapman, you can log on to his website and songs from the beautywillrise CD (I almost said "album") play while you are very favorite is Beauty Will Rise that I quoted in my first post (it is the second song that plays)...the kids and I have played it everyday and danced around the house listening to it...Beauty Will Rise has a great chorus for dancing! The first song you will hear is Heaven is the Face--the words are very moving, I think...but then I feel that way about the entire CD.

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  1. ...all the kings horses and all the kings men, could never bring a better friend!! D.O.