Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Road Ahead

I closed on the house as planned. Now come the real decisions. Everyone is asking when I plan to move--the problem with this is that I do not know the answer. I originally thought I would not move until I had a few things done at the new house, but it is looking more and more like I will just wake up one day soon and say "today is the day." The kids said they were ready, and so am I. It will probably still be the middle of April before we really get settled, but I think I will go ahead and start moving some things this weekend.

Many of you don't know that I have started a part-time job at the local community college. It is perfect for me. I get to choose my working hours, and the job comes with very little responsibility...other than showing up and working when I say I will. I am helping students in the computerized math lab. I get to help, and the students are happy to have my help (after all, I have nothing to do with their grade ;-)...I am actually getting to do my favorite part of teaching...and that is teaching (go figure). The people I work with are wonderful...helpful, kind, considerate, and don't take themselves too seriously...and everyone genuinely smiles and laughs...just the right mix for a work environment. If I had run an add for the personalities I'd like to work with, I couldn't have done better. Every math department I have been associated with has been this awesome to be able to say that.

Things are rolling along, and we are trying to roll with them. There are many things about this house and neighborhood that we will miss, but there is much that we won't. I know it is time for a fresh start no matter how difficult that road looks right now. Honestly, how can it can be any more difficult than the one we have already traveled? My Kids and I are ready, willing and able--so here we go.


  1. I thought of you while reading Phillipians 3 today. Verses 13 & 14 "....forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Phil 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will sat it again: Rejoice!" D.

  2. Congratulations, Susan, on the house. Can you post pix here for those of us who can't drop by??

    It's hard leaving a place you lived -- especially one where there are a lot of good memories. When we left Delaware, which was something I'd been agitating for since the day we crossed the state line, I found myself sad about leaving our house. It was the place where we had all these experiences with Jake as a newborn. But, you build new memories and make new traditions everywhere you go. Don't be too hard on yourself about clearing stuff out. Like another friend of yorus, I've also found myself unpacking objects and wondering why a certain object was still in the batch. when we moved to singapore, there was a size limit on our container and we really had to pare down what we brought along. we made a lot of tough decisions about what came and what stayed. i'm happy with most of the decisions we made, but i distinctly remember dripping with sweat, standing in my living room in tropical Singapore and pulling out a massive (and beautiful) serving dish i had INSISTED come with us and thinking, "soup tureen? SOUP tureen???? what the hell. . . "

  3. So glad you are back in the math world. You have a gift for teaching.

  4. Susan,

    Started a Bible study at church this week on the Book of Ruth by Kelly Minter. She titled one day Weeping Forward. I thought of that day when reading your post. Change is hard. I sense uncertainty and that is ok. Often God will call us to do something and it is only by obeying that we grow in faith.

  5. You can do this my sweet friend. It will be difficult but you can do this. You have a million friends (okay, maybe not a million but close) to help you with this. No, perhaps we can not know exactly what you are going through, but we all will help and pray for you. I have moved so many times in my life and each time cried and cried for what was left behind....funny thing was, and this took me years to fully understand, nothing is truly left behind, but lives in the heart and mind forever.

  6. Randy,
    I'm so happy for you and the kids! I'm here to help in anyway!